gray hair

Why some women gray earlier?

When you are combing your hair if you are finding one or two strands are gray then it may be your gray hair starting point. Very few people might have enjoyed these gray hair strands but most of them get irritated and frustrate after seeing this. Aging is a natural process and no one can stop it but some people get grey hair at young age. Especially in these recent days, this compliant has increased, few factors directly impact gray hair.

getting gray hairThere are only two reasons for your hair getting gray, one is the natural aging process and another is a reduction in the production of melanin pigments. Even though most of them were educated they might have not aware of it. Sometimes due to the chemical process, your hair might get gray in that your hair produces a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide and that reacts with oxygen and produce the gray hair in you. These are the ways through which you will be getting your gray hair.

Below is the most common fact for why some women gray earlier;


In this modern day’s everyone has carried a lot of stresses in their head from the kids to the old peoples because the style of them has got changed. Do you believe your stress level also influences your hair color, if not then start to believe it from now. Yes, your hair color gets gray when you are carrying more stress in you. More than stress after the age of 30 the woman’s body undergoes series of changes because of the menopause stage arriving. In that case, the hormonal imbalances become one of the reasons why some women get gray so earlier.

Vitamin deficiency

People living in this generation are getting addicted to those junk foods, they know it never going to support their health. But still, they cannot stop it because of their addiction this becomes the reason for vitamin and nutrient deficiency in them and by the way, this nutrient deficiency also becomes the reason for early graying. If you take nutrient-rich food you can prevent them so give priority to your health, not to your taste buds.


Of course, heredity also one of the reasons for getting gray hair so early, if it is because of the hereditary reason you cannot do anything. The only thing you can do is either you can color them or enjoy them as it is.